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How to Help a Loved One in Their Personal Hygiene?


Taking care of ourselves is a fundamental aspect of life, and it offers both physical and mental benefits. You get to maintain good health and feel confident about yourself. As a person ages, this can become difficult. If left unattended, your loved one’s overall health will start to suffer. In such situations, seeking professional help, such as our home care in Arizona, is a must!

If your loved one is reaching their golden years, they may need your help in maintaining personal hygiene, such as bathing assistance. With that, Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC,is giving a few tips that can help you help your loved one have good hygiene:

  • Bathing and washing
    Most seniors will find it hard to accept help, as this is a very private matter. Keep their dignity in mind at all times, and ask them what will make them feel comfortable.
  • Dressing and grooming
    Make sure to regularly wash their hair, brush it, or get it cut or trimmed when needed. Check on their nails too, to see if they are at a safe length to prevent injuries. Most of all, give them the freedom to wear what they want.
  • Toileting
    If your loved one is experiencing problems with their bowel function, ensure that they have the right continence products they need and change them regularly.

It can be difficult to juggle multiple responsibilities, such as taking care of a loved one and attending work and/or school. Worry no more, as we are ready to help by providing home care services in Peoria, Arizona!

Your loved one deserves to look and feel great in their golden years. Contact our home care agency in Indianapolis, Indiana, at 317-559-2599, so your loved one will live their days comfortably under our care.


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