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How to Enhance Medication Adherence?


Medications are among the health supplies that patients depend on. Because they have been specially formulated for symptom management, they contribute to health improvement. This is why they play a significant role in the health and recovery of patients, especially those who are taking advantage of home care in Arizona and other parts of the world.

Medication intake is a vital part of a majority of patients’ daily routines. Because of this, it is important for them to maintain medication safety at all times. After all, they wouldn’t want to deal with medication errors. These mistakes could have serious consequences. Some would even hire home care services in Peoria, Arizona for assistance. Needless to say, patients have respective ways of attaining medication safety.

On top of ensuring medication safety, maximizing medication efficacy is equally important. Through this, patients can get the most out of their medicines. An efficient way to achieve this is by constantly adhering to the medication intake schedule. Although this seems so simple, this is a lot more challenging in reality. Despite this, there are simple solutions to this dilemma. Keep yourself guided with the help of this list:

  1. Set alarms.
  2. Make a checklist.
  3. Use a medicine pillbox.
  4. Let someone else remind you.
  5. Download medication reminder apps.

Always take your medicine on schedule!

Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC, a top-notch home care agency in Indianapolis, Indiana, can help you with medication management and other activities of daily living.


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