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Ways to Encourage Seniors to Drink More Fluids


Dehydration can be a minor issue for some, but it can trigger other conditions, even potentially severe ones, for aging adults. Other times, dehydration is also a result of minor illnesses like influenza and bladder infections. It’s needless to say that it’s the job of professional caregivers to ensure their client consumes a sufficient amount of water daily.

Various reasons can explain why the elderly aren’t drinking enough water. It can be due to forgetfulness, mobility decline, lack of thirst signals, and even disliking the taste of water. For each reason comes solutions that can be applied to home care services in Peoria, Arizona.

There are numerous options that a home care agency in Indianapolis, Indiana can do to encourage seniors to drink more fluids. First places water where it is easily accessible and available. When going out for walks or errands, bring a water bottle along with you and remind them to take small yet frequent sips throughout the day. Putting water bottles in convenient locations, such as next to their bed or in the living room, is also helpful.

For elders who find that the taste of water is quite bland, spice things up a bit by adding flavorings or mixing it with fruits or herbs. Experiment with different temperatures and combine fruits to keep the taste interesting. Home care in Arizona can try to prepare shakes and smoothies for cold fluids while stews, broths, and soups if the client prefers warm drinks.

We at Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC value the safety and health of our elderly clients. Feel free to explore more of our services by visiting our website.

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