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Skin Care Nutrition for Seniors


We know that the food we eat affects our health but it’s not always clear to us how and to what extent. Take our skin, for example; a few of us know that the food we eat can affect its optimal health and appearance.

What we do know is that our skin’s continuous exposure to internal and external influences, such as the sun, free radicals, allergens, and hormones, may contribute to its outward appearance so that one’s skin may look dull and uneven or bright and smooth depending on its health.

Apparently, what we eat, specifically the nutrients we derive from it, greatly affects our skin’s health. As a home care agency in Peoria, Arizona, we’d like to provide you with information about the sources and food ingredients that may give your skin benefits. Take note of the following:

  • Oranges, lemons, and members of the citrus family
    Are sources of vitamin C and work by protecting the skin from free radicals.
  • Vegetable oils, nuts, and green leafy vegetables
    Are sources of vitamin E and work by blocking free radicals in the body which may increase the aging process.
  • Tomatoes, watermelon, and papaya
    Are sources of lycopene and work by protecting the skin from everyday oxidative stress and inflammation.

Should you need a home care service to help you with your elderly loved ones’ skin care nutrition, we will be here for you. As an in-home care service, we provide personal care and companionship services to ensure you that their food intake will be monitored accordingly.

Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC., is a home care in Arizona able and willing to give you a helping hand. Contact us today to start your journey to good health.

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