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Safety Tips for Feeding the Elderly

Safety Tips for Feeding the Elderly

As people grow older, people may become frail and experience impaired mobility because of acquiring certain diseases or developing certain aging-related conditions, like dementia or arthritis. Because of this, they may have difficulties in doing daily life activities, especially when eating. They need assistance in doing so, to prevent health risk factors.

To solve this, we, as a provider of home care in Arizona, offer safety tips in feeding seniors to guide them while eating. Consider the following:

  • Choose appropriate feeding utensils.
    Make sure that the utensils your loved ones use are clean. You can use smaller spoons to control the feeding amount and prevent risks of choking. Also, use non-slip mats to fix utensils on the table for much easier and manageable feeding.
  • Acknowledge their choices of food.
    Prepare nutritious foods according to their swallowing and chewing abilities. If they are having difficulties, you can prepare foods that are easy to swallow, such as porridge or puree. Remember to remove the skin and bones of meat to reduce the risk of choking. You may also chop the food into smaller pieces for easy chewing.
  • Assist them while eating.
    Make sure that they are fully alert during feeding. You can let them wear dentures if required. Let them sit comfortably in an upright position, head slightly flexed and chin down to facilitate safe swallowing. Be mindful of any signs of difficulties during the feeding process. Ensure adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

If your loved ones require professional care, Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC, a home care agency in Peoria, Arizona can help you. Call us anytime for your inquiries and concerns.

For other care needs, we also provide various in-home care services.

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