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Nutrition Tips for Seniors This Summer

Nutrition Tips for Seniors This Summer

Summer has officially started! While for most of us this means basking in the sun and doing all things summer without special care on what to eat, our senior loved ones would need to stock up on certain foods to truly enjoy the season.

As a Home Care in Arizona, we know that summertime brings with it two usual issues for our senior loved ones—dehydration and lack of appetite. So the challenge for us family members is to encourage fluid intake and prepare healthy and appetizing foods to make sure they are safe from common summer illnesses such as heat stroke, stress caused by heat, high blood pressure, etc. triggered by these issues.

To help you, here are tips for good summer nutrition from Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC:

  • Have a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and drinks handy.

    Simply having healthy foods laid out can encourage your loved ones to pick them up instead of junk foods.

  • Prepare batches of healthy lunches and dinners for convenient reheating.

    Cooking takes time and, when done during the hot months, can prove to be too much to do. If they live far away and aren’t much of a cook, you can count on our in-home care services to help them. We can prepare batches of meals that can easily be reheated, so they can eat them instead of ordering or eating out.

  • Prepare nostalgia-inducing foods.

    Lack of appetite is a serious problem among seniors. Ensure that they are able to eat no matter the season by preparing their favorite meals or foods that remind them of a favorite memory. Even if they aren’t able to finish them, you can guarantee that they will be enticed to at least try them out. For extra oomph, keep them company while asking them about their childhood.

Need help ensuring your elderly loved ones are healthy this summer? Our home care agency in Peoria, Arizona is only a call away. Don’t hesitate to reach us today!

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