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Know the Limits of Home Care Services

Are you a few steps into deciding to get home care services for your elderly loved one? If you are, we at Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC are certain that you must have thought long and hard of the consequences and the other possible changes that this will bring your elderly loved one, yourself, and … Continue reading

Common Senior Problem: Dry Skin

Aging affects every aspect of your senior loved ones’ life—the most noticeable involving their physical appearance, particularly their skin. Most of these effects are a natural part of growing older, such as loose facial skin, sunspots, transparent or loosened skin, and dryness, among others. However, this does not mean that they should just be accepted … Continue reading

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Heart-Friendly Foods for Your Beloved Senior This Valentine’s Day

A common perception when Valentine’s Day rolls around is the idea that it is only for young people in love and that celebrating it may be out of character for the elderly folk. We at Comfort Covenant Home Care, LLC would like to remind you that this is just a perception; so don’t let this … Continue reading

The Emotional Effects of Dementia (Part 2)

There is more than enough data to suggest that your emotional health plays a role in your physical well-being. Studies show that exam-related stress and the stress that comes from the workplace can make one susceptible to viral infections and cardiovascular diseases, respectively. Our years of experience as a home care agency in Phoenix, Arizona … Continue reading

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Factors Affecting the Impaired Food Intake of the Elderly

Having elderly members in the family means being familiar with their unique challenges and varying needs from day-to-day. One of these is the difficulty associated with eating or what is technically called an impaired food intake. Years of experience as a home care in Arizona has taught us that care should go beyond treating the … Continue reading

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The Emotional Effects of Dementia (Part 1)

Dementia refers to a group of symptoms associated with the deterioration of retrieval and formation of memory and/or other thinking skills severe enough to reduce a patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL). Among its most common causes are injuries to the brain—whether through a disease or a physical damage—a progressive brain cell … Continue reading

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A caregiver and elderly playing chess